About Savor with Sara

A little bit about me …FullSizeRender I certainly find cooking and baking to be my creative outlet. My passion of helping others establish a healthy relationship with food has driven me to create this blog! I think it’s important to include nutrient-dense goodness in each meal, naturally though it’s all about loving what you DO and EAT each day.

Eating habits are learned, and I believe I learned from a phenomenal role model, my dad. My skills of fueling my body and identifying balanced nutritious meals and snacks were attained well before I headed into my first year of undergrad nutrition. I ate nutritious foods through elementary school, struggled with lactose intolerance and digestive problems, and overcame them with the power of food balance (and yes basic science-based advice). Peers challenged my overwhelming healthy opinion of eating through my teenage years. But these challenges really didn’t matter to me, because even at a young age I understood the importance and power of what a healthy diet can really do for ALL of us.

Of course I took food and nutrition too serious at times! Can you blame me? That passion led to lots of learning.

Food Science, Radford, 2012
Food Science, Radford, Va 2012

I additionally peeked through all the nutritional information I could gather as a teenager and finally went to school for Nutrition and Dietetics at Radford University. This is an accredited program, in which it prepares you to become a Dietetic Technician Registered and/or Registered Dietitian. In addition to experiencing all college had for me- I was able to dive into cooking, counseling, food science, medical nutritional therapy, research, and a lot more. Ya, it basically set me up for my dream career!

Cooking and baking delightful treats can be just as healing as eating the actual food. The message that nutritious cooking has extensive rules leads to a HUGE misunderstanding. “Sinful, indulgent, clean, processed, good, bad, cheat, healthy, diet” are all words that can really distract us from what we should be focusing on. Nourish your body and those around you! Finding balance is true health. You don’t have to force extreme habits… you just slightly fix it! Fix it with small changes. Fix what you’re cooking, or how you and your spouse are preparing it, why you want particular foods, when / how you plan meals, understand and get to know your body. If you don’t understand how to do all this stuff or need accountability.. ask for help and guidance! Yes, we have several guidelines and recommendations that can fully rule your diet and lifestyle, but food is to be enjoyed. Your perception and beliefs of your own nutrition matters.

Eating can be pleasurable, but it can become a chore. My recipes are intended to assist you in eating with pleasure!

Through this food blog you’ll see a combination of whole foods and great flavors being used, and you’ll also be able to find several baked goods! I’ll touch on benefits, how-to’s, and the science of cooking in some entries. Mostly, a place for sharing recipes, thoughts, and ideas!

I am always interested in your comments and ideas, please share where you feel comfortable.